Ben Swann Truth in Media: More Americans "Rethinking" 9/11?

Saturday, June 21, 2014 Information Leafleting and Stickering

In these pics, you'll probably be amused about some of the creative choices I made for where I stuck the stickers and laid out the brochures. But it certainly gets people's  attention and it's non-confrontational. If you're thinking of handing out fliers on the street to passers by, do take a look at this post, "Help to Spread the Word About With This Street Brochure."

The reason being that there is a video included showing a friend of mine handing the fliers out in NYC last 9/11. As the video description notes, "It's Not easy trying to wake the Public!! A few stopped to discuss 911 but most just walk by. "Martin",, was doing a good job, sweating on this 90 degree day handing out fliers and talking to people."

So it shows you that such street activism is difficult at times, but also try to pay attention to his approach when people do engage him on the issues. Facts are a must, but a calm demeanor like his is also key, especially when you're hot and people are largely acting like you're invisible.

Not just from this video, but from prior interaction it's notable that no matter the circumstance, never does he come off as the least bit confrontational, condescending, or express any dismay that a person is so ill informed, not to say that is common practice for anybody specifically, but being that we're humans and truthers have ego problems sometimes, I'm certain there's been a few PR missteps here and there.