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Saturday, October 26, 2013

NY Times Billboard Kickoff Event – Join Us!

NY Times Billboard Kickoff Event – Join Us!
Saturday, November 2 at 1pm: Free Pizza, Free T-shirts
An Afternoon of Fun and Street Actions
NY Times Billboard Kickoff Event

This ReThink911 billboard is going up right outside the NY Times Building on Friday, November 1.

Dear ReThink911 Supporters,

If you live close to NYC, join us for the New York Times Billboard Kickoff Event at 1pm on Saturday, November 2 – the day after our audacious billboard goes up right across the street from the New York Times. Then, join us for leafleting throughout the month of November.
NY Times Billboard Kickoff Event

Kickoff Event Details

Where: Siena Pizza, 274 West 40th St. at the corner of 40th St. and 8th Ave, right underneath our attention grabbing billboard. See it on Google Maps

When: Saturday, November 2 – 1pm until 5pm.

What’s waiting for you: free pizza until 3pm, a free ReThink911 t-shirt (if you can commit to coming back two more times during the month to leaflet), thousands of fliers, and dozens of likeminded folks! Join this event on Facebook

The plan for the rest of the November: at least four people leafleting from 4:30pm to 6pm every weekday until Thanksgiving. New Yorkers – please attend at least 2 of these afternoons! With our presence we will magnify the power of our billboard and send a strong message to the NY Times.

Out-of-Towners: Stay tuned for other ways to take action and support the campaign from where you are!

Thank you for getting involved!